Better by Design documentary

I haven’t seen this on the boards here so thought I would chuck it out there for those who may have not seen it.
Sorry to those who may not be able to see it given their location (I imagine its only viewable in the UK).

This is some old skool Seymour/Powell sh*t

F*ck Starck

have fun


Oh, awesome, I’m going to check this out, I’m a Seymour/Powell nerd big time!

Crap, can’t watch it in the US… I’ll have to search for it on YouTube or whatever.

It’s good… I wonder why we didn’t hear about this breakthrough bra in the US. Was it a long time ago?

Probably 8-10 years ago. It was done for manufacturer Charmos but I don’t think that it is being retailed any more…

cheers for the link I hope they put them all up soon