Best way to show portfolio during a job interview?

Hey guys,

So I was going to show a booklet of all my work showing process and final products, etc. for my interview for an internship this Monday.

Unfortunately, the print outs for the booklet came out sort of low quality. There is one product that is a black Diving flashlight and it looks like it’s just a big black blob on the page with no definition. Of course on my screen it looks awesome.

So I was thinking I would just present it on my computer. Only problem is that my computer’s battery is really mesed up right now, so my computer HAS to be plugged into a power source in order for it to work (I can never unplug the charger or else it shuts down within 3 minutes).

This could present some problems if an outlet in the room is not conveniently placed.

What are your views on this? Is it okay to present your work on your computer?

I was thinking of just showing my work on my computer and then bringing the booklet as a “backup” in case I run into problems.

Where did you print this book out? If it’s a bad print job you can generally get your money back or have them reprint. Maybe you can reprint single pages and put them in a portfolio book instead of making a booklet. I like doing this because in the future I can easily replace, add or redo pages in the future. I think showing on a laptop would be the last option although others may have a different opinion. It’s just hard to huddle around a computer screen and go over work. Good luck!