Best way to master Alias

I love working with Alias. I have more than a working knowledge of it, but I desire to learn as much as possible about advanced surface modeling. What would more experienced designers recommend I do to learn more?

The presentations given each year at Autodesk University are excellent:

I think you can sign up for “AU Virtual” for like a hundred bucks and get access to all the content. Not sure though, we are on subscription for Inventor so I have access to them that way.

I’m a recently graduated product designer from Montreal and I took a 4 week rhino class and than a one week class in Alias at design engine in Chicago. I was able to absorb a lot of stuff very very fast. I learned a lot faster than doing some random tutorial on the internet or workshop from poorly experienced tutor in community college. Plus I received good insight about efficient work flow and the basic theories behind surfacing.

I do recommend it to anyone who want to get more serious into CAD surfacing.