Best way to file project emails

Does anyone bother to file client emails in their email program ? Do they do this at the end of the project, or during the project? Do they do it within the email program?

I do it once the program is done, and usually do it two ways…

First I archive the email folder in outlook. Next I select the folder and all emails and create a pdf from the selected emails, this then goes into the project folder.

The convert to pdf feature in outlook is pretty slick and sets it up so you can easily search the document also.

@chevisw: that’s sounds handy, where do I find that feature??

That convert to PDF sounds pretty slick - is it better than just searching the archive via outlook?

One way is to create a new outlook data file and place it on the server. When you’re working on the project you connect to the data file, which makes a new folder in outlook, and you can drop all relevant emails on there. I believe several people can connect to the same data file for good collaboration. When finished, you just disconnect and leave it on the server.

Now this may make a diff, but i have acrobat reader 9.0 professional…

See attached image… for location