Best way to display work in online folio?

Well even if you don’t have much to show right now, I think you should already separate your work into categories. Today you have 3 ou 4 works, next week you have 9 and that means you’ll need to redesign the basic structure of your portfolio.
For starters, try to separate your work into the least amount of categories: something like Web/Print, if that’s your case.

I have always found this sort of work display very elegant, since there’s no need to view the categories on separate pages, and it’s quite easy to implement.

Categories are recommended, but you should avoid having the user to switch back and forth between them. Good luck!

Does anyone know the most cost effective sites to host a portfolio - any free ones? Also I am kind of a newbie when it comes to websites, is it possible to have your own domain name for free? Or does it cost to register it? Thanks.

Get yourself set up on Wordpress or Tumblr. They have free templates.
Domains are incredibly cheap, and worth every penny for credibility.

how long do you think it would take to get up to speed on wordpress just to do something simple and clean? Looked at this before, looked a little overwhelming.

If you’re even moderately computer savvy, you should be able to have a respectable site in a weekend.

ok, cool, looks like a lot of pros and companies use wordpress, looks like something worth learning. thx.

I say Cargo Collective. Way easier than Wordpress.

pretty simple and clean. one thing when you click on a project from your landing page the width is too wide for my monitor which is a standard aspect ratio 21", I think there is usually some sort of autosize feature you can check when doing a web site.

WHat do you use for 3D modeling?

There’s no way for me to go from a project/About/Contact back to your projects. Max width of pages to be safe these days is 960 px wide. Yours is pushing 1100 px. Each project could use a title.

hey mapdaniel: pages after the splash page still justified to the right on my monitor which is traditional aspect and 21".
Thanks for the modeling info and sharing your cargo experience. Great concept on the guitar.

mapdaniel: not at the moment. not top priority now. thanks for the offer. Can you set up cargo without html coding?