Best Use of a GIANT Grill

I’m not sure if this is the best use of the GIANT grill trend, but it is pretty nice!



I’m a big fan of the ‘old school’ GIANT grills…

I like the current Edge. This is a nice evolution of the face. The rear could be a little spicier though.

I also like a unified front end (translation, giant grill). Also agree, the refresh seemed to run out of steam behind the front bumper! But that front end is pretty dramatic.

I like the new Edge too. It’s interesting to compare this to the Audi. The Ford has merged almost everything into one solid element: upper and lower grille and lights. The Audi has one big grille, but then three other smaller ones, plus headlights.

i like it as well.

I also feel the need to admit my affinity for the trend of flat faced front ends. A friend of mine was telling me that auto brands were doing this due to new crash regulations in europe, hence all the audi’s, merc’s, and bimmers were this way now. this ford edge is pretty flat faced as well, which i like. Getting away from the whole tacked on bumper aesthetic.

This Explorer concept from recent has the start of the giant grill face.

That Explorer kind of looks like Robocop…

“Clarence Boddiger, like it or not, you’re coming with me.”

I know a lot of people hate this, but I like it for the art-deco locomotive feel:

I was quite taken by the front end design of that Ford Explorer concept when it came out - just so tough looking - it reminded me of one of these protective boxing faceguards (perhaps it was the design insp?)

Aw man, I read the topic and was thinking you were going to show us some ridiculous US-sized coleman grill cooking up a 40 lb burger.

but, automotive grills are cool too.

you mean this?

Exactly! What’s the best use of that giant grill?

From an earlier grilling… International Lonestar. Coming to a close second only by the grill on it’s own air filters.