best univ among dese

which university can get me a good salary???

  • kingston,uk
  • brunel,uk
  • derby,uk
  • coventry,uk
  • london colege of art,uk
  • ied,milan

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hi im applying 2 the following univs kindly let me no which one is the best for product/industrial design. criteria is basically which univ can get me the best faculty, job placements and finally which will get me gud salary.
i wanna earn like a mad man, hardwork is not the issue a bad choice of university might be -
these are the universities im applying to-
kingston, uk
brunel, uk
derby, uk
coventry, uk
london college of art, uk
ied, milan

iv heard a lot abt coventry here in india but how cum none of the discussions even consider talkin abt it.
thank you for the help

hey its not all about the bling, you can get a job from any uni if you work hard

are you art or technology focused?

skills get you a good salary, not the name on your diploma…

im more aesthetic
dont companies prefer students of a certain univ
like in d us risd is considered 2 b a cut above d rest is der ne univ wich receives a similar honour in d uk, among d ones which i have applied.
could u help me with what my prefrences should be…neither cn i cum for the newdesigners show nor can i go and visit dese institutes as the only time i wud cum 2 uk wud b wen my course wud start so d only source of help iv got is experienced ppl like u

wow… where did you learn to spell…?

I understand internet shorthand and all, but ur really pushing the envelope!(for this forum anyway)

I mean ‘cum’ instead of ‘come’ really gets the mind going!

heh d-sin,
I’m curretnly at Coventry studying Industrial Product Design which is actually an engineering degree as it equates modules like electronics, materials, mechanics, etc with the design and arty farty modules of the Art & Design dept. There is also Consumer Product Design , Automotive Styling, BOat design…the list goes on based in the Art & Design dept. Depending on which way you want to swing. I’d say, not blowing any trumpets, that Coventry would possibly be above brunel and Derby. But you may also take a look at nottingham and Loughborough for the IPD programs…which i foolishly didn’t. But then again, the RCA has a reputation above all else, its just getting accepted…

If you are really interested in the ‘job at the end of it’, then why not request a list of companies that previous students are now working for from each university. This could maybe help your decision also…

But at the end of the day:

burnsie :open_mouth: