best time to get a job and worse time

someone told me november is the worse time to send out portfolios, is that true? and if there’s a good month, what month would that be??

Many companies have their fiscal year set up to end in May or June, and new anual budgets get cleared the next month, so this is often the best time to apply.

I don’t know. My 2nd job I got Jan 2nd. 3rd job got the offer around November started in December. 5th job I could have gotton an offer before Thanksgving but wanted to negotiate for more money (I got $10,000 more than their intial offer. Was just a game. Actually he was a great boss.)

Current job I interviewed in Jan., started freelance in Feb. got a job offer 2.5 months later although I was working fulltime freelance the entire time.

Job seaches take time. If a company needs you then it doesn’t matter what time of year it is. As you can see I managed to land 2 jobs over major holiday times. I do find that July and August are slow… slower than December at times.