Best things I can do for my future career right now....?

-I appreciate the Input-

It’s the summer before my senior year. I’m trying to prepare myself the best I can for the real world, and am curious what is vital now to be succesful in the long run.

brief history:
The summer after my sophmore (first ID year) I managed and constructed a very unique landscape design project (for a relative). This was great expierence and shows a wide range of design ability

The winter of junior year I had a 4 week long internship at a firm. I basically wanted to bring fresh ideas, but learn anything about the real work environment. I got a very good idea of expectation levels, important skills (sketching). And work attitude.

This summer I have an internship which will last about 4 mnths. I’m trying to crank out good work, alot of drawings, projects, renderings, and just design knowledge, as well as start relationships with IDers. At the IDSA conference Scott Wilson really motivated me to design everything (not just the obvious problems) and to do projects of my own- continuosly. I’ve started making lists of every idea, and hope to start pursuing them.

My portfolio basically shows this, with some projects which need some refinements. Overall, its going well .

As far as skills are concerned I feel very well balanced. My ideation and brainstorm session are my favorite, and my brightest moments. I believe in a completely positive attitude and idea breeding environment. How do I show this passion and strength in my portfolio?
Sketching is probably average, but improving. Having cleaner (less lines)… more confident drawings is my goal. I need to start giving small details and more attention in drawing ( to push creativity), but am fairly satisfied knowing i am trying to get better. (why does it seem like drawing takes so much time to get better at!)
My researching skills are very good, it shows strongly in the projects I have done so far, and i also enjoy this part of the process, the validation.
CAD work is probably one of my weak points, but I think its just lack of expierence, i can accomplish it- but it takes time. I’m not exactly sure how much emphasis i should have on this, but want to create great renderings to sell my idea.
Rough modeling/ prototype is average, with more emphasis on perfecting things the first time (not the 3rd lol)

People and relationships- are huge to me, im learning to be positive fun and productive. This is essential to me, and it is a big part of my success? so far.

What would you suggest doing at this point? I love design- i’m finding attraction to odd projects… but think I desire to work at a brainstorming crazy firm… fun- ideas ideas ideas. Nike? IDEO? I want to be truley creative ( and have ideas accepted or taken further).

Should I go for a masters? Jump in the Real world after college? Do another co-op or internship?.. Travel the world!!!

I’m not panicing, just want some suggestions on this next step… and how to get there in this next year and a half.

THANKS FOR YOUR TIME!- this is really invaluable, thanks


stay focused on where you are, don’t let senior-itis make you produce half hearted work.