Best thing you've purchased for school/work?

Kinko’s can kiss my @55!

More than a year ago, I was printing 11x17 pieces from the school’s print shop at $3.50 a piece. That semester, I found out about this printer that prints 11x17. You probably know already, it’s the Epson 1280. Ever since I never had any trouble to print anything. The ink is relatively affordable, and the quality is more than reasonable. I bought the refurbished one, which costs me only $388 in total( this was almost 2 years ago). Furthermore, it prints with less than 1/8" nof border… almost like a dream come through!

Then for this semester’s final presentation, I wanted something different. I remembered that the 1280 takes paper rolls, and found out that Epson makes 13" wide photo paper. So I bought the paper and started to load it with the roll attachment. Everything was easy to setup. I didn’t even have to look at the manual. Then as I went through the options, roll, 13"x48", paper cut mode, borderless and print frame… there we go.

It prints really nice. First thing I noticed was it prints a dotted line for you after each print so that you know where to cut. Then towards the end, I realized that it really is BORDERLESS! All the way to the edge, without the 1/8" gap!

This is fantastic. There’s minimum work to be done after that. All powers to Epson!

I heard that they’ve stopped producing this model, going with something newer, but this one will stay with me till it dies!

I feel the same way about my Cannon $99 scanner. Way better than the $400 HP I have at work.

best buy-my nike “Air Turbulences”

man. walking in NYC and getting around especially this summer. those saved me. i’m telling you take care of your feet and they will take care of your body. ask anyone with lower back pain…a leading cause can be because of the footwear they use daily.

as for school-

my 23 inch apple screen out of box rebate-LAST ONE INSTORE-( people tell me it’s hot-if you don’t know what they means don’t ask) and it was only 700 bucks- just ahd to do some asking around. but thet saved me like 50% of wht it is. its the older screen the one that came out before teh ones that are out now.

sweet tho, perfect for work and laying things out…love it.

I to get ripped at school for prints- i have a cannon i9900 its great for what i need. does wide format and is borderless. great. school can be a rip.

internet connection.
ADSL at 3Mbps (it was the fastest back then)
… boy I dont even have to start explaining this one.

My Epson 1280 printer too indeed. This model has been around for a while and offers great features for us students. The print quality is as good any printer out there.

I love my 1280. Do you have to get special paper for borderless prints, I didn’t think it could on 11x17? Haven’t used any rolls yet.

Wacam Graphics Tablet.

I love my dremel tool. It’s saved me so many times, and has saved others too. My friend has a 1280 though and i’m totally jealous.

I’m looking to get a scanner, but i’m not sure what to look for to make sure I get a good one. I would be scanning in sketches, marker renderings, pictures, etc. All for a portfolio, so I’m not sure what to look for to make sure I get quality scans. Does anyone have a good one, or know what to look for???

Memory stick. So many students are burning zip disks and CDs… what a waste of time and money.

I’ve been burned by 2 Epsons. They print great when they work, but the 2 I had some major reliability issues. However, it got me interviews and jobs, so I guess I shouldn’t be too unhappy.

As for other tools, I’ve been using same mechanical pencils for about 5 years. I have 3 of them, and they’ve gone through many many projects :slight_smile:

Try Cannon next time.

I used the epson 13"x32’ roll. It’s semi-gloss and prints great! You may think it will be super expensive, but I found it on compusa’s website for $33. Too bad they didn’t have it in stock. It’s not available in compusa stores.

I got myself a Intuos 2 6x8, but still can’t really get used to it. I just can’t coordinate my hands without looking.

Yeah, it takes a while to get used to drawing here but looking over there.
Give it time though. Becomes second nature after a while. I recently unplugged my mouse and use my wacam for most of my general computer use. Freed up a USB port in the process.

If I didn’t have a dremel tool while in school I would probably still be carving those projects out. Don’t forget the Flexshaft attachment!

Been looking at a 1280 for a while now. Many Pros, any more Cons out there?

Did you make sure you kept it off when not in use? The heads get clogged if you leave it on. I’ve used them for years trouble free. With the right paper, real epson ink (no amazon or rhinotech), and correct settings, haven’t had any problems in 5 yrs.

Epson 2200 printer
Wacom 18X Cintiq
I-pod with Sony MDR-V300 Headphone
Sony Cyber-Shot 5.0 Digital Camera
= I am so broke!!!

the i-pod probably best buy for a nyc student-many long commutes either walking or waiting for a 2 train for 1hr at 3am. it is crucial. i-pod gotta get one if u dont all ready.

although i like the model that was out before what is out now. it might have a better battery and hold more for cheaper, but that grey wheel just rubbs me the wrong way-loved it when it was all white.

hmmm…though this doesn’t quite fall under the “school or work” categories, it incidentally isn’t hi-tech either…

but i simply love my penny pack by kuno prey…

its a credit card holder that i use as a wallet too…been using this for a number of years now…once, on the verge of breakage, i searched high and low for a replacement to the original one…finally found them for sale at and stocked up…