Best Tablet PC?

Hi My Toshiba Tecra M4 is dying. Shows garbled text on start-up.
Anyone know what is currently the best TabletPC for ID?

Something with the Wacom Stylus is a must, the sensitivity is unparalleled

this link has Wacom enabled tablet-PC, but I don’t know which have the horsepower for heavy duty CAD. please let me know if you do check all the specs because I’d like one too :slight_smile:

mpdesigner ,

I use a Motion Computing LE1600 tablet. In my opinion this is a sound, powerful, and very well made machine machine.


I might get the Tecra M4 fixed but this is the third time it crapped out.
It seems Tecra M4’s are known to overheat and cook the Graphics Processor GPU inside.
Maybe this time I’l piggyback it on a laptop cooler.
It seems to die every 1.5 years with the graphcis showing garbled text or Matrix-like green vertical lines, etc.
ANy other M4 owners run into teh same issues? It’s a US$550 MB replacement each time.
I don’t see any other unit on the market with a dedicated graphics card and a 14.1 inch screen form factor.

At this point I may splurge on a Cintiq but it isn’t all that portable.

The compaq and Lenovo otpions look decent - are those Wacom Penabled?

I took a flight last night with a 21in Wacom and completely paranoid about the airline breaking it, so I hear you about the portability. I was so worried I almost pulled the trigger on a MotionComputing tablet when I arrived, but I keep thinking there might be one tablet that can be my main PC and a tablet…

I think the Lenovo has a wacom digitizer in the palmrest, not for the screen

Yes the Lenovo is a powerhouse workstation but the tablet is in the palm rest and of no use to me since I can’t sketch with that kind of disconnect. I could never master a regular non-screen tablet.

The Cintiq 21UX is a bit long in the tooth. I want to invest in one but would hate to buy it only to have a newer model released soon after. Anyone have an inside scoop or know if they are coming out with a updated model soon? Any Wacon rumors? I think the 21UX has been around for a long time but that also means any kinks and bugs may be worked out from a first revision version…

I don’t see many good reviews on teh 12 inch Cintiq so I’ll pass on that since a 12.1" tablet would make more sense for me.

The 20wsx wide screen version was discontinued. I almost bought that one when it came out.

Well, I am looking at getting something to sketch on if not fixing the Tecra M4. The M4 sadly is prone to video failure due to overheating and I went through 3 motherboards already. One time was under warranty, the other two weren’t. I can’t imagine throwing more money into it and should retire it eventhough I have all teh accessoried and docking hardware…maybe it’s time to part it out on eBay? =)

Wonder if the Tecra M7 has any major relaibility issues? That was the last of this breed of tablet. They’re all whimpy 12" ones left on the market. =(

i’ve been using an acer c310 travelmate for about 2 years now (my first laptop) with no complaints. it has a 14.1" screen and an nvidia geforce card which can be softmoded to a nvidia quadro card, this plays nicely with light work in studio, solidworks,pro e etc. this is not a desktop replacement by any means, it’s a single processor with 2 gig of memory but it runs sketchbook pro, outlook and browsers no problem. the 14.1" screen is really nice, i have wacom drivers installed and it seems to work fine. i’ve used this for a lot of sketching and reading ebooks(especially useful since most of those heavy books for mech.eng are now in .pdf!) i picked it up used for a song from some software engineer going back to india who hardly used the tablet part anyway, it’s worked flawlessly ever since. they can still be found new and refurbished around the web…

No problems with my tecra m7. I think I have the last one they made with the 14" screen, they stopped making them shortly after and stayed with the 12. After 2-3 yrs my dvd burner is crap, still reads but unreliable writing (from burning lots of discs). It’s been working fine for me, surprisingly just running on 1gb memory. I’m about to upgrade it with more memory, bigger drive, dvd burner, etc… No complaints at all from me other than the dust that can slip in under the screen, you’ll have to open it up every once in a while to clean it out.
Granted, it’s the only laptop and tablet pc I’ve ever used so I have nothing else to compare it to other than desktop use.

Love my Gateway C140. Flush, no lip screen that is 14.1". Good tablet and I use it all the time! Even to write this post!

Fujitsu T5010. Great screen high res (WXGA). Flush sides are really important. I have an older model and the high res screen looks great with Alias Sketchbook. My tablet can even run SolidWorks.

I have the Lenovo X61 tablet laptop. Very happy so far. It seems pretty sturdy, its quite portable (13in screen i think) and has wacom penabled technology. Only downside is the graphics card is integrated. otherwise its pretty great. I use it for sketchbook pro and photoshop.

The Tecra M4 had the best resolution of any tablet. It’s a 14.1" with SXGA+ 1400 X 1050 resolution.
The Gateway was one of my considerations but it had less screen real estate.
I may get it fixed if I get another gig to jsutify the expense…it’s like $550 every 2 years before the motherboard dies again.
Kind of like paying rent to use this tablet. It’s as close to a Cintiq as I can get so it’s a shame there isn’t a replacement and Toshiba discontinued these kinds of tablets.

I may not have found it yet, but I can’t believe there isn’t a workstation laptop with a Wacom touchscreen… I would buy it in a second. The integrated graphics of all the choices make me wonder if it’ll be a slowdown from what I’m using now, and having a separate PC for sketching seems inconvienient

With the M7 that I have, I got it with a different nvidia graphics card than it’s standard integrated graphics for about $100 more I think. They might still have that option.

What’s faster a TOSHIBATECRA M4 Centrino PM 770 2.13GHZ or a TOSHIBA TECRA M7 TABLET PC CORE DUO 1.83GHZ?

The Core will mop the floor with the Pentium M and still have enough time left to wash the dishes.

The toshiba m200 also has the resolution you like in a 12" form, but I wouldn’t use one for CAD, sketching sure. It only has a 1.6Ghz processor in it, but if you’re dedicated you can modify it to use later processors… Just to provide an alternative if you love penabled high-res magnesium cased tablets, because there’s still nothing to beat these. :neutral_face:

I just bought a M4 used to replace my dead one. Let’s see how long this one lasts. A laptop cooler might be in order this time to prevent a GPU meltdown. An M7 would be the next best if I can find one with the optimal build to order specs…

I guess I am hooked like a guy with a bad drug habit. Can’t shake the big tablet PCs. This is like driving that clunker even if it means it guzzles.

Same here, I’m dedicated to keeping this thing moving as long as possible. Trying to upgrade the specs now to see what kind of a boost I can get out of it.

I bought a Cintiq last year and I think it was the best decision I had made in a while, even though I had the same concerns you mentioned… what made the decision for me was that the screen had more of a re-sale value down the road if I decided I didn’t want it. If you look around for used21ux, you still can’t find anything under around $1800, not such a bad loss

I still want to get a tablet PC, but find myself wanting a more powerful laptop and the specs on the one I have now are already faster than most of the tablets I can find. Syncing with a separate CAD PC seems like such a drag and I really like being able to quickly screen-grab and sketch right on the 3-D I’m working on. The M7 does look pretty good still though…