Best Tablet Laptop

Hello Everyone,
I am planning to buy a Tablet Laptop, which should really help in sketching and rendering. This is my one time investment so kindly tell me which one are best options.
Thank You.

The Asus slate thats come out recently has a pretty nice feature set.

Good CPU and a Wacom digitizer plus an SSD and a nice form factor. But don’t expect to be doing any CAD work with the integrated graphics or an 8 hour battery life like an iPad.

Thnx cyberdemon, is toshiba portege best of the lot or any other similar types.

Having used integrated graphics with CAD its amazing what you can do, certainly concept models will be fine.

As a general rule if it takes you more than a few hours to make a model its probably going over what the lappy is good for but that is good enough in many situations.