Best spots for kicks in NYC

I’m headed to NYC next week. Anybody have some good recommendations for the best sneaker spots or boutique shops to hit up? Much appreciated!


some suggestions from a friend

reed space
alife rivington
daves quality meats

also heard about

flight club

Dave’s Quality Meats is a must. Flightclub (If you can find it…hint, don’t look for a sign). Wouldn’t really bother with Niketown, it’s just like all the others. Househoops is worth a visit though. Also check out The Reed Space. You could also check for more spots.

first rule of flight club, don’t talk about how to find flight club

LOL. Awesome. Thanks guys! We have Flight club in LA, so probably not that serious to check out…especially since I am more interested in new product than vintage. DQM is def on the list! Thanks again man! If anyone else knows of some, feel free to post it up =)


here’s a huge list of good stuff.

also be sure to check superfuture.

as well, feel free to check my delicious bookmarks, under the NYC tag. i’ve got some sneaker shops, but also some other cool hotels, shops, etc.

have a good one, and report back what you find!

off the top of my head to add-

nomme de guerre
Rivington club (different shop than alife proper)
Nike ID studio

also worth checking out some the larger sports shops as well, i’d say, such as paragon or champs as they may have different selection than elsewhere (though still more commercial than the boutiques).


All the energy spots mentioned above are cool.

Michael K and some of the other spots on Broadway are good for a more average cross section.

Also, House of Hoops is cool to check out as mentioned above.

Looking for a great place to eat?

Check out Lombardi’s Pizzeria in Little Italy, its on the outskirts of Little Italy and was Americas first pizzeria and the only Coal Burning Oven used anymore… AMAZING Pizza

Also if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous I would suggest Wonders Chicken and Pizza, this was hands down the most exciting experience I had at ICFF.

This is I must say the best fried Chicken I have ever had… it is on the East side of Central Park, actually on Malcolm X Blvd just inside Harlem. Trust me its worth the trip, I went at 3am one night and ate on the sidewalk with a buddy and was never really bothered by anyone. I will go back next time I am in NYC.

Go to Wonders at night and I guarantee you will feel reborn :wink:

You guys, Rock! Thanks! Hopefully I can get to most of these spots- I will def report back when i return :wink:

I’m going this weekend to the big apple, second time there. I have a feeling that a few kicks will hurt my budget!

all mentioned above are good choices…

I would like to add

Barney’s (duh)
7 in Soho
IF Boutique, also Soho (especially the new Margiela Sneaks)

Maybe take a trip to Brooklyn and check out Boundless in Williamsburg.

To eat? Momofuku Noodle Bar, the pork buns are hands down the best thing to eat in NYC in my opinion.

My trip to NYC was…pretty good. Honestly, we saw a lot of the same styles over and over with many retailers not taking many risks or buying a ton of diff SKUs. House of Hoops in Harlem was dope, and the new Nike store was cool as well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get out of Manhattan much, and the food we had was…meh. We were pretty clueless about where to go though, not to mention too tired to explore the city after 10 hours of non stop shopping. Maybe next time!

Im headed to Brooklyn for a short 1 day trip, Ive got about 10 hrs to kill any hot sneaker shops in Brooklyn? is nice… I go shop there sometimes.

all the hype will be around the boutiques like nomme, alife rivington and dqm, but for the best deals and selection, check out training camp. they have two stores, but the one farther uptown has the best prices and kicks. dr. jay’s is pretty cool too.

This will help…