best song of all times

Say the earth was invaded and you had to choose one song to be saved by the aliens to remember.
I’m gonna go conservative and say Stairway to heaven

‘Looking for Freedom’ by David Hasslehoff

Especially the video version were they have all the clips from Knight Rider

Doesn’t get any better than that…and if it does, I don’t wanna know about it

…So I guess those damned aliens will have to scratch up the ‘b side.’ Oh well.

I’m gonna have to go with

“Pass the Dutchie on the left hand side”
by Musical Youth

I agree with Bryan!
Great, great song!
I could also go for:
" Boing Boomshak" ( I have no clue how you write it)
from Kraftwerk
or I guess it would depend what you were living at the moment…
I also like
“La Tierra del Olvido”
by Carlos Vives

one song? just one! screw that and them stupid aliens, I would rather go down fighting. They are not getting me again!

“A date with the Rain” Eddie Kendricks

just one you say…??? aw we’ll make it two

“Superstition” Stevie Wonder

‘drop kick me jesus through the goal posts of life’ by bobby bear

Expansion? can’t think of who it’s from. Old dusty classic. Plus an endless number of house classics from unknow artists from late 80’s to mid 90’s.

“Expansions” by Lonny Liston Smith

an excellent selection

THANK YOU!!!, been hunting for that for yrs.

This was posted by MasterBlaster a while back. It’s been my favorite song ever since…
…this will definitely ward-off any aliens.

!I’m speechless! (‘:shock:’) That was so far beyond cool, I don’t know what to call it. it works on so many levels.


“That’s what I’m Talkin’ bout!” That stuff is like gold!

DMX-ruff ryderz anthem

many might not have heard. but not for everyone.

hard to pick just one tho

oh yea tht car dancing commercial…still cant get tht shyt out my head…its like tht barney “i love you song” eeghh…just nasty.

great commercial…wish i could see it like NYC style wit the beat box, adidas kicks and gold chains the size of fire hoses. then a cop car would transforma nd run them down…

(back when she was tough)

MC Lyte-Cappucino

I have to admit i used to love that song. Greatest of all time i don’t know.but Fantastic…hmm now where’s my limewire…

MY DING A LING, CHUCK BERRY. The best song of all times.

I forgot one more. It’s a classic in my book but relatively new. Shades of Jae by Moodymann. Nice song to hear in the club.