Best software to design and analyse Suspension?

as our team is in a process of designing a electric motorcycle, i want to implement a new suspension system in my motorcycle.
I need a software in which i can design a suspension and analyse it so i can go forward to prototyping.

Not sure if there is an ME forum, but you would probably find a better answer there.

SolidWorks allows you to analyze the materials, dynamic compression/movement, etc. Feel free to contact me if you require outside help to do such analysis.

There’s really a bunch out there. From dedicated tools for suspension design to full FEA packages (like Ansys) that will provide you with the data. Your CAD package might have suitable analysis tools bundled with it.

However, keep in mind that like most analysis problems, your solution will only be as good as your understanding of the problem and it’s implications. - If you’re unfamiliar with vibrations analysis, a motor cycle suspension may not be the best place to start. If that’s way outside your area of expertise, I’d look at getting professional help.

Also, you’ll probably get more knowledgeable people on an engineering forum like eng-tips. Specifically their suspension forum Automotive suspension engineering Forum - Eng-Tips

When you say a a ‘new suspension system’, do you mean that you are designing new suspension internals (i.e. forks/shocks) or that you are designing a new method of linkage (i.e. the framework) for the suspension product to attach to, or both?

I mean designing a new method of linkage for the suspension to work. I have ideas so i want to put into model and see if the idea will work or not before going to prototyping.

If you just want to design a linkage and se that it behaves properly, I guess any CAD software should do the trick. In both PTC Creo and Catia you can design motion skeletons and analyse these for packaging and envelope interference, for example. I assume that NX has the same functionality, as well as SolidWorks (though I have little to no experience in either).

If you want to simulate dynamic behavior, on the other hand, I think a multi-body simulation tool like Adams would work much better than any functionalities included in CAD software. There are some free tools, but I don’t really know how powerful they are. I think the forum would be a place to look, I know some people are discussing analysis tools there. Sure, they are talking about race cars but if the software can mimic a car suspension it should have no issue with a motorcycle set up.

Edit: I’m a mechanical engineer, it’s early in the morning here, I’m typing on the phone and English is my second language. Excuse the lack of acknowledgeable syntax.