best sketching workflow?

Fairly new to digital sketching.

  • Would you say the best workflow is to sketch lines on paper, then scan in, then shade or color in Photoshop using Wacom? Just wish I could turn the canvas in PS 3. Can’t do it.

Is this a good workflow??? THx.

Personally I use a super old Motion m1400 slate style tablet. It runs the newest Sketchbook Pro smooth as silk (but save often on larger files) and lay out lines and most value editing. If I take it into photoshop after that it’s to add more complicated value effects or punch it up with blending. SBP, to me, accomplishes everything you NEED for Ideation, Explanatory, and Exploration type sketches. Moving into photoshop should only be bothered with for Persuasive and Emotive pieces.

I bought the motion m1400 in 2008 for $200. it beats ANY Wacom for value (because it IS a wacom underneath). The only concern initially for me was that starting in digital can stunt the momentum of the sketch if you’re not careful. I start with volumes and only gradually move into finer details with smaller brushes.