Best School for Industrial Design? - BA or MA

I have the opportunity to move anywhere. I have been interested in Industrial Design Schools. I have a BA in Graphic Design and don’t know if I should get another BA in Industrial Design or move on to MA.

I’m in Denver and it has the Art Institute. Not sure if Denver is a good place to go for this. I’m curious what school (ANYWHERE) is the best for the program? I’m willing to move.

Someone told me there was a school ranking on this site. Do you know where?

Thanks for the help.

click this

I’d strap on a Kevlar vest before you open a discussion like that one around here, my man!

Best of luck, let me know if I can be any help

Thanks but I’m a Female, my man! I opened the discussion before reading everyone’s opinions about schools. I guess there is no “official” ranking just opinions. My fault for not checking all the boards before asking. Thanks

apology accepted, little dude