best rss feeds?


what rss feeds are the best to get the latest news on innovative technologies and materials?

thanks for your input!

Here’s a tip - tell us about your favorites, maybe that will be a better way to start a dialogue than simply asking someone else to do the work. Give a little, get a little?

you r right, thats the nice way - but in this case i really dont have a single feed on innovative materials or technologies to offer, sorry :frowning:

but i can offer you all the other feeds iam reading:

core77 studio bullitts
core77 design blog
design sponge
ikea hacker
moco loco
the cool hunter
the design blog

but thats all on product design, lifestyle, architecture etc. - and most of them are really well known.

still searching…

Hrm… old thread but I will give a little:

37 Signals
Boxes and Arrows
A List Apart
Moco Loco

A lot of mine are interaction design, which may not help you out, but I can list if requested.

I will have to check out some of yours as well.