Best RP and Packaging shops in USA?

Hi all,

Any recommendations for the best rapid prototype shops in the US, in terms of value and quality?
I’m mostly thinking about SLA type parts for functional prototypes, maybe 2nd tier appearance models as well but mostly RP.

I know you guys are on the west coast, but we use this company pretty often:

There website is a little behind but I can vouch for their quality of work. They are a full service model shop. I have gotten SLAs (with no finish) from them and it was reasonably priced. Their photo models are really well done as well.

I’ve used Copesetic as well - at the time their part quality was a bit below what I was getting out of Asia, but the price and turnaround time was good.

Also worked a lot with Scott Models in Ohio. Their website also is terrible (it’s mostly our products from ~10 years ago), but they do good work.

I use cideas.

What do you want to know about “packaging shops” and why only RP, are you going to do all of the finishing yourself? Also, what RP process?

The best stereolithography bureau on the east coast, hands down, is Veloce Engineering, Oxford, CT

I’m just thinking about developing some entrepreneurial concepts and am interested in the best value US places for packaging and SLA prototyping.

Thanks for all the replies so far. Maybe it doesn’t make a big difference, but not having to waste time finding good suppliers is so valuable. I’m sure this thread could be a great resource for a long time as we build it out. I might add a list of links and reasons to the OP when we get a few more.