Best renderning Programs?

what is currently the best rendering program that is popular with Industrial design? how powerful is photoworks in solidworks in comparison to other programs out there? how about Hypershot, is that any good? my mind is overloading with too many questions. can some one please clear it up. pls remember, its for industrial design, automotive design, NOT animation or character design.

thank you in adv

I don’t know what “renderning” is. Could you please elaborate?

Just kidding.

I think a google search of the results produced in these programs would answer your questions easily. Hypershot is really easy to use, but there isn’t a lot of customizability compared to stuff like VRay or Alias’s built in renderer.

I think a good search of the boards would also answer you question. This has been asked in many ways and always provides the same results.

Ditto to PackageID, but I’ll say Photoworks blows. Period.

can you elaborate to why it “blows”, i am seeing some nice renderings coming out. at least from

pls give me little more info


Rendering’s for bacon. just kidding. Autodesk Showcase is pretty sweet, with true real time viz of your designs and virtually no limit to your output size (caveat, there is some limitation based on the amount of available RAM) for your renderings. being able to easily set up multiple material and geometric variances, saved shots, it’s super powerful and a really intuitive interface. I wish i could have had this when I was working at design consultancies.




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I use Hypershot for my consultancy, the program handles most everything I throw at it and the quality of the output, considering the short amount of time spent setting up the render, to be quite high. The folks over at Bunkspeed are constantly adding new features and functionality, such as labels, all the time.

Give it a try.


Modo 401 is a very strong option too

Don’t forget Maxwell. Just be ready to spend a good amount of time. Both for learning how to make things look good, and waiting for them to come out good. :slight_smile:

We’ve used LightWave 3D for some years now, excellent rendering and fast global illumination. I’d also recommend modo 401 too, especially with it’s ability to import native SolidWorks files.

Photoworks is also going to be replaced with PhotoView 360 in the next release, which uses the same render engine that modo uses.

I’ve been wondering about this too. I currently use Alias Image Studio, but the software is getting old and has limitations. The upside is that it is fast and the images are pretty good. I messed around with Hypershot a little bit. It seemed like it was difficult to select individual surfaces and apply textures to them. It seemed to only recognize complete parts in an assembly. Has this changed? I don’t always build models in individual pieces in the interest of saving time.

I also need something that handles caustics well, since I design a lot of lighting. How well does Alias Showcase handle caustics?
Anyone know?

I don’t believe Showcase currently supports caustics. FYI Showcase is primarily a GPU rendering application - it uses your video card and lots of tricks learned from the gaming industry to create very compelling results in completely real time. While it supports raytracing, raytracing was just added in this last release and after playing briefly I don’t believe you’ll get any caustic effects.

The right app for some might not be right for others. I love showcase because IMO it beats the pants off of hypershot from a UI and texture mapping perspective, and in my line of work we have dozens of textures per model and need some of the more advanced UV features (they may have added these to Hypershot recently - haven’t checked it out in around 6 months). Showcase also supports design alternatives, which is a fantastic way of holding a design review. “Do you like it in red? How about black? How about with this part or this part or this part?”

In terms of what is currently the ultimate raytracer, I would have to say Maxwell. It’s clumsy as all hell but produces brilliant results as long as you have a LOT of CPU power.

Thanks for the info. I suppose I’ll have to wait til the boss is in a good mood so I can talk him into buying Maya. :wink: