Best Rendering Package to go with Rhino?

What’s the best rendering package to go with Rhino.
What are all the kids in school and pros using?

Is it Hyperhot? VRay or Maxwell?

I imagine these are better than Flamingo? That’s what I am using now.

Hypershot Easy tu use,understand and Fast: less time to fire-up nice “is that a photo?” kind of renders. No more than 6 steps and few clicks and you get nice renderings. But you can’t use textures at this time in the way v- ray and maxwell: v-ray with few leaps ahead , also user interface is very intuitive and real time renderings will save you a lot of hours of testing. Great for HDRI. You also can use the materials configured in Flamingo, but is not cool the way you edit materials. (hypershot came with a little library).

V-ray you must be ready to configure more numbers than in hypershot, a lot of parameters of raytracing to control the speed and quality for your scene, but still basic if you compare with v-ray for 3d max (more complex but more control). More texturing capabilities than hypershot, more to learn about maps, bumps, images channels, etc… The HDRI is ok (in max is great), and material editor is easy to understand. If you don’t have enough time avaible you can generate raycasting renders.

Maxwell: Great illumination, great materials, but you need more computing power, more cores, more gigas on ram and more mb in video …if not : more hours and patience to get a nice render with great quality . the material editor is easy to use. Not the classical raytraced way to generate imeges. More physics in the render engine.

Wich is the best?, it depends the funds, the computing power available and the relation of the user with the interface (discover wich one is the friendliest to your workflow), the hours ready to learn and what you want to develope in relation with the time avaible to develope it. With all that plug ins you can create renders like a pro.

But also you have to consider the way you edit renderings: Post Production,. It could helpyou saving a lot of time of rendering leaving details like spots, halo’s or decals to soft like photoshop…

But the most important thing (for me) is the way you understand the real world in therms of illumination, physics, and observation of environment you’re swiched on. How do you perceive reality? How you can change it in a creative way of thinking displayed in color forms and textures?, How you can show and comunicate your design proposals?, Have already study how to take nice pics with common cameras?,…How you use yer eyes in daily life ?

moshake is right on…but he left out the one that i like. mental ray (your os x to vray’s vista). hope that analogy isn’t too incendiary…

and then there’s renderman, xsi, lightwave and probably countless others…

my point is you can make any of them work for you, but they’ve all got their charms and their hangups. download the demos…try a few different kinds of models in them, and see what seems to suit your need. i’ll reiterate the computational intensity of maxwell, and the very gentle learning curve of hypershot (so easy it then becomes difficult for me to get the results i’m seeking).

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oops. just noticed, “to go with rhino”…sorry for the extraneous info dude.