best product design master... where to study?

Hello, I have a professional industrial design degree (5 years ID program) and now I´m looking forward to make some master on product design, but I was wondering wich school I should go to, anywhere in the world.

Thanks for any help, name some schools and masters for me and all the core77 users!

Ciao! :slight_smile:

aww! and does anybody know about some master on urban design (urban furniture and stuff) for industrial designers?? all the urban design masters I´ve heard of are more for architects!.. name the school and master name and country!! thanks again! :exclamation: :exclamation: :exclamation:

if you have the degree - why not just start working? make all the cool urban stuffs you can and start applying for jobs in big cities!

Hi, well, it is true, I mean I`ve been working around on some design stuff and now I´m looking for a full time job, but anyway I want to improve my best on product design and/or urban design cause it is like my passion, but I dont feel like I can give my best at the moment… a master would be a good thing for me, plus you know that when you have a master well companies kinda respect you more and clients too, so…