Best Product Design Magazines: Paper or Digital

Hey, we have some funding to order design magazines. I’m looking for some that are focused on product development, user interaction, tips/techniques, etc. The internet offers a lot of this, but it’s written poorly, and not as “content rich”. I think the best example I can think of what I’m looking for was the now defunct Car Styling, as they covered the entire design process and reasoning on multiple vehicles per issue, as well as other products in the back. I am really ticked they went out of business, I still have like 30 issues stacked on my shelf behind me.

I’d be interested in either a physical magazine, or a digital one. NOT A BLOG.

What do you guys get? We currently get wired for staying up to date with technology, dwell for architectural inspiration, design quarterly for graphic design/architecture/blips on product design, but I was hoping for something more in depth for what we do. Suggestions?

Best online design magazine? You are looking at it. :wink:

More of a blog. Articles are short, lacking detail, and in depth process.

Car Styling is dead!?!?! I never bought one ($35 US, $45 can) though, so I understand why. Still sad. There was nothing more coveted in the design library than Car Styling.

As for the type of magazine you are searching for…can you be any more specific. Generically, I always say Innovation (last issue was very solid). Design Management Review is also good ( After that, you have to drill into a specific topic.

I thought I was pretty specific? Product development, multiple disciplines hopefully. Not just automotive. Car Styling was perfect.

See : Magazines and Design, Core77, January 15, 2011.

I’m a fan of New Design Magazine, although it’s a UK based magazine, not sure if that’s a problem for you or not.

Dwell and Wallpaper are alright.