best possible PC based laptop for industrial designers

So, after a million dicusssions with friends and co-workers, I’ve got to ask the collective: What are your opinions on the best possible PC BASED (yes, I know the Mac’s are amazing) laptop for us industrial designers?

Since I travel so much, I’m really interested in:

  • Speed
  • Weight

And my god, it would really be great to find one with some sort of all Metal case because at this point after 4 years these plastic coates laptops really just don’t make it.

I’ve got to buy one before I leave back for Europe on Jan 8th and so I’ve got to make a decision FAST!


oh yeah, and if you have an amzing one for sale, I’ll take it :wink:

so we think this one really does the job, but boy is this damn thing ugly

dell m65

but hell is is just soooooooooo ugly

The M65 is my current work laptop. When I have to work from home on it, I use the f*cking ugly Dell laptop bag and lug it to the trunk of my GTI. I swear I get lower gas mileage with this computer in the car. Ugly as sin, heavy as your last infidelity, but burns through SW, photoshop, illustrator, and Rhino simultaneously. Pretty solid.

I got a Cintiq to offset the ugly factor - had to brag :slight_smile:

LOL :laughing:

Why not go with one of the new macs with the intel chip?.. someone was going to type it eventually anyway…


Well, you know what? this is exactly what I was refering to.
ALl I want is these specs with a silver case - like it is that impossible
but YES it is.

It is that ugly isn’t it? Damn it, you know for the price, etc., it is such an amazing machine, but the damn thing just looks like shit.

I am going to be traveling a lot, and I’ve got a super sweet slim Gateway Arc 200, but the video card sucks, so I had to make the decision to upgrade and for the price the M65 rules. But isn’t there just something a little more attractive out there?

My my M65 is now an M90 with the Intel 2 Core Duo…sweet…but yes very ugly :frowning:

so of course, something like this would happen
at the last minute, I just got a message from Dell
aparently they can’t ship or there is a delay and I can change or cancel my order.

so, any suggestions for that cooler, metal laptop that has some speed to it, etc?

I’m leading to one of the Toshiba’s, but then even the Tectra’s aren’t that great looking. Well better than the M65’s that is for sure

opinions my nerd patrol friends?

Ok folks, I can see that I might have made a big mistake, putting this post in 2 places (general discussion and technology, but eh, what can you do) so of course I have to add to them both.

In the end, didn’t get the Dell Mr. Ugly box. I had to do it and bought a powerhouse with a titanium case, the Sony VAIO SZ360P Intel Core 2 Duo 2GHZ 2GB ram, 120 HD w/256 MB video. Can you say 3D Max, Rhino, Maxwell Render, Solidworks SCREAMING? WOw.

Best part Titianium case so no ugly plastic case scratching. Bad news $2100. More than I spent on my last motorcycle. ;( Bad. But an investement and therefore useful. I’ll be living with this little friend for the next 3 year so, I’m pleased At 4 lbs it is amazing but funny part: the battery weighs almost as much as the damn laptop! Hahha

After all my looking I find a little post on an obscure blog and think, now why the hell didn’t I buy the HP nw8240, which incidently is ISV certifications for

MCAD: AutoDesk AutoCAD 2005, AutoDesk Inventor V7, V8, V9, Bentley Microstation, Dassault CATIA V5, I-DEAS 10 W2K, I-DEAS 11, Unigraphics NX, Unigraphics NX2, ICEM Surf, PTC Pro/Engineer/Mechanica Wildfire, 2.0 Solidworks 2003, 2004, 2005, Solidedge V15, V16, MSC.Patran, DCC: Alias Studio Tools V11.x, Avid Express Pro, Alias Maya 6.x, Avid SoftImage XSI 4.x, Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 After Effects 6.x Encore DVD 1.5/Photoshop CS, Pinnacle Liquid Edition, Discreet 3DS MAX 6.x GIS: ESRI ArcGIS 8.3, 9.0

and comes with, wow I can’t believe this,

15.4-inch WSXGA+ wide-viewing angle (1680 x 1050 resolution and 16 M colors) or 15.4-inch WUXGA wide-viewing angle (1920 x 1200
resolution and 16 M colors)

Now that is a designers laptop! Oh and of course you can get it on Ebay for $1199 new. Damn! And it really isn’t that ugly either!