Best portable pen tablet?

Any suggestions for portable tablets to work off-site that’s small enough for carrying in a backpack on flights, yet big enough to be decent? I’m thinking about pen tablets for drawing, not pen computers since we use laptops. Currently, at our desks we’re using Wacom Cintiq 22" HD Touch screens for sketching, monitor, etc. with PC laptop op system (Sketchbook, Photoshop). Thanks.

I do not own and have never used this tablet but one of my colleagues who teaches Games Art told me he bought one and it is excellent. I want to buy one to try it but I have an iPad pro already so cannot justify the purchase.

For an integrated, and budget, solution, I am now quite happy with the Lenovo Yoga 520. It works well with the right Wacom Bamboo Ink stylus. For a smaller device the Windows Surface Pro 6 is fantastic, it also came down in price from the last model.

I have been also thinking about this, for the amount of money I would spend on a pen tablet I would probably just get the new Ipad Pro which can handle viewing CAD models, etc. Interested to see what you arrive on!

Some good suggestions. It’ll be a while before we need this portable solution and I’ll check out these products beforehand. I’d love to seem others’ suggestions.

I use an iPad Pro

I use an iPad Pro too. I think the newest regular iPads support the Apple Pencil so that’s a more cost effective option.