BEST places to see in NYC in a few days?

Hey everyone, I’m going to be working at the New York Gift Fair for the week, and I was wondering what I can try and fit in seeing design and architecture wise. On Thursday I should be able to do sight-seeing until 3:30 in the afternoon. Would I be able to make a worthwhile look at the Gughenheim or MoMA in that time frame?

Otherwise, the logical choice for me is to go see Ground Zero on Thursday. I’m getting closer and closer to deciding on that right now.


It’s been a minute, but off the top of my head:

Chelsea in Manhatten check out the Flight 001 store

PS1 which is a musuem owned by MOMA

Maybe check out the cooper hewitt

Madison Ave

Stay at the Soho Grand if you can: or just hang out at the bar for a night, usually some interesting people coming through.




quick lunch: cosi:

Prada flagship store designed by Rem Koolhause: Prada Flagship Store New York by Rem Koolhaas (OMA)

I haven’t been back to MOMA since it reopened, but I hear it is great. Store is good: CitySearch - Your local city guide

some other stuff:

MOMA is cool

  1. JFK outbound terminal


  1. Laguardia outbound terminal

Nothing interesting at Ground Zero yet, you’ll waste hours in line to see a temporary plaque. Wait for the final project there if you’re looking for anything design wise. The emptiness of the place now is eerie enough.

Better just lose yourself through SoHo, many excellent design boutiques/art galleries clustered together, plus great eats. Moss is there, along with other big name European design powerhouses, you can’t miss them.

Can’t believe anyone here would recommend the MoMa store, chock full of cheap Chinese-made plastic junk, stupid gadgets you’ll find at garage sales anywhere, but sold at a premium. Hard to believe MoMa would carry such trash with its reputation for collecting good design. The museum itself is worth the $20 admission but plan a good 3 hours to see it right.

Greenwich Village, Madison and especially the Meat Packing District for art galleries.

I can’t believe anybody would rip on anybody that would sugest the MOMA store, you must be cool.

I still think its worth it to check out the MUJI stuff. But whatever. The meatpacking district is OK, check out Jeffrey’s while your down there.

I recommend hitting the MoMA and the Cooper-Hewitt. I love the Guggenheim, but their exhibitions vary. If you are pressed for time, skip it. In fact, the Mapplethorpe Exhibit is there, so if you are the slightest bit conservative, skip it on those grounds. The Westin Times Squareis a very cool, albeit expensive, place to stay.

As far as things that haven’t been mentioned, for me no trip to New York is complete without hitting up Dean and Deluca’s SoHo Headquarters, or Kidrobot.

These are the best I have off the top of my head, and without my saved links from my home computer. I hope they help.

Check out Zakka Corporation for a great selection of Japanese goods and various design/art books.

Czech Center New York usually has something good going on. On exhibit right now is Design for Darkness - Design for the Visually Impaired.

The Future Perfect in Williamsburg for the Brooklyn design scene. Great stuff.

Eat at Public in Nolita. Superb food, beautiful space. I’m actually getting married there next month.

Check out Superfuture for handy guides to shopping/eating/sleeping in New York (and other cities).[/i]

from SF going to NYC for a week for work in manhatten (observing focus group interviews… yippee!) and was also looking for things to do for the weekend and and nights. Thanks for the suggestions. Here are a few more that I got:

I think I’ll explore by way of bike 5th ave and the through the park. Anyone know of a good bike shops that rent?

Ah! a must see methinks: “spamalot

Damn! Someone told me the name of a must go joint that made gargantuan ,though delectable, sandwiches… what’s the name of it? I forgot. Anyone?

MOMA IS cool, but yea the store is junky.

but that’s typical of ANY museum store. You can get styrofoam dinsaur cutouts, kaleidoscopes and asstronaut freeze dried ice cream. Couple of refrig magnets too.

Carnegie Deli?

Fluff is quite amazing: building, concept, and food (“homemade” Twinkies called Fwinkies)

Yep, 55th and Broadway. Thanks for the memory jog.

Note this is the setting for the old Woody Allen film Broadway Danny Rose

Frick museum, nothing else in the world like it, brooklyn bridge, if your in kennedy airport,TWA terminal

If you fly JetBlue it’s a VERY EASY 20 second walk to get to Terminal (?) 5, the TWA terminal. My pics from my last such opportunity are posted on flickr. But you can’t get inside AFAIK, unfortunately.

Yves Behar/Fuseproject just installed some dramatic light fixture or something sculptural in one of the other terminals at JFK - I haven’t been there, and I don’t remember what it is - I think it was in Metropolis, though.

I did fly JetBlue and will check out Terminal5 on my way back to SF next week; thanks. On a side note, just experienced my first ethno. Wow! Lots of great user insights were discovered. Besides your website, what other links would you recommend to me as helpful in distilling and presenting our findings to a client(s)?