Best Place to Find Packaging Designers?

Hello, I would like to know if you have any recommendations for places/firms that provides the services of packaging design, prototyping the package, sampling, manufacturing, etc? I have manufactured 60 samples of my line of products and I am hoping to find a packaging designer soon so I can get this project progressing, please share your thoughts and ideas here.

Just a hunch, are they Sunglasses by any chance? :wink:

I would recommend using design directories. Coroflot has a good one but you will also find a bunch of others online with a simple search.
I personally have never used sites that connect freelancers but if your project might be too small for a consultancy, that is not a bad route to go. Another way is check on Behance and contact designers directly who’s work you like and who are listing themselves as freelancer.
If you can’t afford to go to a consultant and have to find a freelancer, you will have to do a bit of detective work yourself to find a suitable partner.

Depending on what exactly you need. Someone on might be even able to help. Otherwise try and find a packaging designer on / and reach out if they do freelance.

If you are serious about finding a package designer that can put together the prototyping and find production, then PM me and we can talk.