Best place to find internships!

Hello, I’ve been wondering, what are some great places to search for internships? I noticed that the search options on Coroflot aren’t working as well as they used to; the internship specific searches aren’t working anymore. Any other good places for internship specific searches?

Real life - Sneak in to a few conference after parties, or better yet, sneak into the conference itself. Get chatting, subtly drop into the conversation you’re looking for an internship of some sort and you’d be amazed at how much your success rate goes up compared to the usual bulk email send outs. I find this approach a lot easier, getting to know the person in some way or other and THEN showing the portfolio as opposed to the other way around.

Twitter - Get on there, share links, converse, discuss. It’s great for networking. And it’s usually the first place you’ll hear about a company looking for interns. Intern jobs come and go, they come and go some much they rarely get posted anywhere official, especially at smaller studios. So twitter is perfect for companies to let people know they’re hiring short term.

Internship job search engine for the reason mentioned above and because most companies get flooded with student emails anyway.

Try - It’s not ID specific, it’s for start-ups, which means they’ll be looking for the jack of all trades type, so you never know what you might find on there.

Thank you! Great advice!