best paid CAD monkey jobs

hi folks,

what are the best paid CAD monkey jobs ?
what i mean is, which CAD packages pay big ?

i was trained on SDRC-Ideas and Pro Engineer in the U.K. and used them for solid modeling and analysis, but these CAD positions seem tricky to find over there in the U.S of A., particularly in the San Fran. bay area.

Somebody in L.A. called me about designing hockey masks with Pro E but said I needed to have ISDX II experience, that was paying over 100k a year. Suffice to say, i have no ISDX II exp. = did not get that job.

What about Catia, Solidworks, Microstation ? Which ones are the most popular, are growing more popular ? Anybody know of course training for popular CAD packages that have industry links or placement afterwards ?


I know the car companies WANT alias modellers. They pay a lot too.