Best non-design employee characteristic

Wondering your opinions on…

  1. What are the best non-design characteristics for a “design” employee to have?

  2. What is more important:
    -Aptitude to learn new skills/adapt to environment (A)
    -Or- have great initial skill set without high aptitude / willingness to learn new “things”? (B)

    My current thoughts-

  3. Takes direction without needing much of it and learns from mistakes

  4. A - it is more important for someone to learn new things where I am at- having a great foundation is barely enough to get by.


2.not that i would really know, but you would think that in EVERY field a person that could learn and adapt AND had a great initial skill set quickly would be the ideal?

given the choice it seems that the common approach would be to go with the person with the better skils because:

a) it would be more obvious how and where someone with a good skill set would fit in (how would you actually know that someone coul adapt learn quickly?)
b) proabably would be more productive at least in the short term

i guess it would depend on the situation though…


self motivation
a thick skin
open eyes and ears
compulsive curiosity
ability to ask stupid questions
ability to take chances and risks
ability to keep up on paper work (expense reports…)
ability to craft a well worded email
ability to solicit and listen to feedback
ability to edit feedback and do what you believe is right

communication skills
Have heard countless times that designers can not communicate unless it is through a visual language. I am always trying to work on my communication skills. I think is something like sketching it takes a lot of practice.

how to negotiate/ deal with contracts/ money




Its harder to find than you think…

personality, wit, suaveness, and humour…

sooooo important when meeting with clients. extremely valuable, even if you’re a brutal designer.