Best mouse for marathon Creative Suite/CAD sessions?

I need a mouse that will prevent or minimize hand-cramping during long computer sessions, IE: a 3 hour photoshop rendering, or a day-long CAD project.

My main problem is that most mice are too small to offer my big mitts some long-term comfort. Everything’s tolerable for under an hour. Once I get past that point, my hand aches and sometimes cramps up.

Where can I find a mouse big enough to wrap my whole hand around?

Unfortunately, the bigger mouses get heavier. I have the logitech mx 1000 laser at home which is comfortable but heavy. For my portable kit with the laptop I have an ultra cheapo $12 microsoft optical mouse which is insanely light. I can go with that forever but then it messes me up when I go back to the logitech because my muscles get weaker from using the lighter mouse.

I have a Kensington portable,the red one with the circles on it, that I use 8 hours a day much of which is rhino. the thing is very lightweight. my boss uses one of those one you don’t move with the ball on it. I can’t stand that thing, but he swears by it.

You NEED to take breaks while working. I know it’s hard sometimes but the cramping is your body saying “stop doing this”.

Get up and walk around every 15 minutes - give your eyes and wrist a break otherwise in 10 years you won’t be using them anymore.

I have a 4 year old microsoft intellimouse and love it. I spend all day, and often all night, on photoshop, illustrator, and rhino. It has a great natural curve (if you’re a righty) and side button placement is really intuitive. Battery life is superb (2-3 months) and the sensitivity is perfect. It’s an optical, not a laser, i find lasers to often be too sensitive. My big mitts fit really nicely on it.
I also use the big kensington laser mouse, not as good as the microsoft, but pretty close. And the rubber ribs on the side are fun to play with when bored :slight_smile:.
For small and portable, the kensington c-series mice are pretty comfortable too.

Thanks, that’s probably my best bet in the long run I guess.

I had a similar problem recently and I also thought on changing my mouse. But after reviewing my workstation (screen height, chair height and desk height) my problem is gone. I also now take a few minute break every hour.