Best mouse for CS5?

What are your favorite mouses for doing CS5 work?

I did some googling and a few people on various forums recommended gaming mouses like the Razer Deathadder and the Logitech G9x.

Right now I am using a run of the mill 5+ year old Microsoft mouse.

Magic Mouse. (Unless you’re on a PC… then I don’t recommend it. Using a magic mouse on a PC is like riding a bucking bronco…)

CS5 doesn’t really require anything from a mouse that your computer doesn’t already.

Gaming mice have higher resolution optical sensors and polling rates which make them more responsive (my mouse of choice for the past 7+ years has been the Logitech MX518 which just got replaced by a newer model). But I prefer the comfort of them more than anything else since I have large hands.

Agree with you
I think all of the thing is based on experience and trust of hardware