Best modern looking font for building numbers


Looking for suggestions on a good, modern looking type font to use for address numbers that go on our design studio building’s new awning. Something sophisticated and modern…

I’ve been really into slab fonts lately. Rockwell is a great one and I think its included in PC’s and Macs as a standard. Its still modern and very clean, but also bold and beautiful. It recedes and gives the message, but still makes a statement. Museo Slab is a neat one too. Strong and bold, but with a little curvature to take some of the edge off.

I am a big fan of Art Deco era fonts. They’re especially easy to read as building numbers, which is important for people on the street, and “code” for safety reasons in many cities.

Neutra is a clean sans serif face, based on the work of mid-century Modernist architect Richard Neutra.

I still love Gotham, despite how widely used it is now.
Also, DinPro or League Gothic?

What’s the space look like where they’re going?

Square sans are always clean and modern looking. Klavika, Titillium, etc.