Best Mash-Up this year

that is sooooo wrong … . in soooo many ways.

On the contrary, I thought it was pretty awesome!

But James Brown was a GOD! Would you rewrite the Bible?!? [insert tongue in cheek]

Well mixed, I enjoyed it too. :wink:

So IS Jimmy Page…

With a little Run DMC in there… nice. Good stuff.

AGEED!! I loved it!

I have always found James Brown songs very one dimensional, same lyrics over and over. This mash up shows his genius with the genius of Jimmy Page.


Well… now that I’ve just spent a half hour listening to various mashups on youtube,

This one is pretty good… although it shows my age…

this mashup is kinda cool, but its 100x more repetitive than any james brown song, i got bored after about 30 seconds. :confused: most of james brown popular songs are not the most incredible in terms of lyrics, but the way he sings them and the downright funky-ness of the BAND is what made his sound so timeless, IMO.

Im not getting the ‘end result greater than the sum of its parts’ effect from this mashup. Get Z-trip on the phone. :smiley: