Best markers?

I’ve always used Prismacolor markers, but I’m getting a little sick at the fact that as soon as I put them to paper, it’s significantly darker than the rest of the stroke. Whatever I do, it’s there. The DesignSketching book (suggest everyone pick up a copy of this) suggests Copic. Anyone have experience with these?

Also, I’ve always used pastel chalk and baby powder for producing smooth gradients in my renderings, but I’m interested in trying Copic’s airbrush system. Any comments on that? I’d rather not sink $500 in supplies that I probably don’t need, but I am interested in giving it a shot if it makes my renderings look more refined and smoother.

Markers are always darker where you start your stroke. The key is to either move fast, or use the darker bit to enhance the shape of your render.

I really like chartpak, but I bought a couple of Copics last year and was impressed. I think the Copics are pretty close to the Prismacolors, but they won’t dry out in a month.

For all my marker rendering I use Chartpak, I really like how wet they are and the saturation that you get.

I have never used copic, but I have heard good things.

Having used copic and Prisma Markers I would say there isn’t really much difference except in colour shades - the Prisma tend to be darker and personally I like the copic greys better. Its all pretty much personal preference - my advice if you can get your hands on a couple of copic markers from a friend or co-worker/fellow student and try them out and experiment or if you have the cash buy a couple of the copics. On the airbrush system - sorry haven’t tried it but i would also like to hear about it from anyone who has used.