Best man gifts

SO Im getting married in a few months, and have yet to get anything for the bestman and others standing in. Neither of them are large drinkers so I would like to avoid the traditional alcohol/cigar thing. Any ideas on some designer-ish gifts? I know some of you have to have some great ideas…

Was in a wedding a few years ago. We got two gifts. One, the traditional booze based gift (a nalgene flask) but the other was a bow tie that we were to wear for the wedding. Nice, hand made, classy.

Maybe there’s something you could incorporate into the wedding day activities. Cufflinks, tie clip, money clip. Something like that.

I got married a few years ago and gave the guys all matching watches to wear for the wedding. Depending on the watch and the number of guys, this can be a good way to go. To this day, my buddies still wear the watch.

I was in a wedding last year when we all got matching baseball caps of our home town MLB team (Go Royals! haha)
It’s not a very “designery” thing but for a group of guys it was great. We all took photo’s in our tuxes and hats.

A gentlemanly item is certainly propper. Tie pins are becoming more fashionable and are useful. We’ve all had the tie go into the plate of food at one point or another. A pocket square is also a nice option, you could have something embroidered on them. Tiffany’s and Hermes also have some nice key chains.

I’m planning a bachelor party for my baby brother as we speak. Step one, dress code. Got to teach these young ones how to do it right!

A gift certificate to “The Art of Shaving” is also a good move. I give those sometimes, friends always love it. P&G is a client of mine and one of the VPs there turned me onto it last year. Some of the locations do straight razor shaves in the store. You could set one up for your entire squad. They also sell beautiful razors there. I want to design one so badly!

Got to teach these young ones how to do it right!

Pocket Square… . yo I haven’t heard that term used for some time; probably since the days I worked in a haberdashery. Lo, for the return of the stick pin and the Fedora… .

Fine writing instruments are another traditional fav. And while men don’t change wallets as often as women do, a leather dress or travel wallet might be another consideration.

A nice writing instrument would be a good one.

All great ideas guys. I will have to investigate these further and see which ideas would fit into their life and my budget constraints.