best looking web site for designer products

gimme a list, purdy please.

are you talking about the best looking site, or the site with the best products?

products to look at or to be able to purchase?

my vote fore best site with a good cross section of inspiration for designers and designer products goes to nice mix of product, graphics, concepts, packaging, art, etc.

dunno if this helps… if you could be more specific i’ve got lots of bookmarks and could maybe point you in the right direction.


products offered for sale, no concepts, just real goods.

icic. ill scour my link and get back with something hopefully more useful.


Can you clarify:

Blogs like:

or stores like:

little of both i guess, what i am up to is thinking of starting a site to sell some of my own designer products on.

cool. im really into retro stuff from the 70’s! :wink:

(actually i am)


:laughing: you know one of the pieces i am talking about , and it aint from the 70’s

Ya, i was just kidding. it was too easy since you are always talking about the 70s…


80’/90’s… :laughing:

Im a fan of

It has a lot of variety, more art base sometimes as well.

I’ve always liked this one.

Can we see what you’re going to sell?

Pretty nice flash work: