best laptop computers for ID (the list)

As this question keeps coming up I decided to put a list together of the best laptop computers for ID (as listed by core77 members). I have broken them out into manufactures by alphabetical order. Hope this helps?

Area 51

Precision M60


Thinkpad A31p


Satellite p30
Satellite p35


I’m going into industrial design in two years time at loughborough after a gap year in industry (hopefully - fingers crossed!), and would like to take a laptop with me.

This is the first time I’ve seen a list like this (i’m new to c77!). Please could you tell me what makes this laptops good for industrial design? And which one is the cheapest?

Thanks :slight_smile:

HP are good with the AMD Athlon 64’s.
I wonder if the MJ-12 could keep up with the AMD in an HP.
HP is about $1G less than the MJ-12 with the same goodies installed.

Should I get a desktop replacement or a tablet PC?

Dell 9200 or HP zd8000?

HP offers more for the money with a much better screen and an Nvidia card.
Def get the Athlon 64 processor with a 1.6Gig bus.

I looked at the dell, I looked at the toshiba, then I was certain the hp zd7000 was the computer for me until…

I realized the mac powerbooks were the same but better

just one person opinion.
only drawback is not having quality 3-d programs but as a student II don’t really need them

i just got the hp zd 7000 custom configured with everything that the 8000 has minus media edition and the dvr pack. I run solidworks, photoshop and illustrator, it’s a great performer and the screen is amazing. I called HP to order it and did a little complaining because their website was acting funny when i tried to order online and they gave me an extra 10% off plus free 2 day shipping plus all the other applicable rebates, it ended up being $2180 and change.

The Powerbooks aren’t better.
They have no 3-D programs and cost more.
Nice to look at, that’s about it.

I got the Sony VAIO S-150 (S series) simply because all the computers out on the market all had almost the same specs. I bought this mainly because it wasn’t too large for me to tote around, and too small for me to squint my eyes and become even more blind. With a 13.3" screen that featurs XBRITE technology (clean, crisp, clear, and bright screen), 4.2 lbs, and wireless connectivity (which still needs some tweaking), My computer costed $1,999 - $150 mail in rebate - $100 best buy deal + 8.25% tax (and I’m too lazy to bust out my calculator so you can do the math! =P). Not to mention the design of this computer looks better than an Apple! :grins: Who needs an apple anyways? It’s so overated (no offense…just my 2 cents).

Anyways, I was perfectly fine with my computer until they came out with a newer version S-260 two weeks later, which pissed me off. I was wondering why they had upgraded their computer so fast, and I emailed them asking that question and they said they just came out with a newer model. But in reality, I’ve found a few bugs here and there…nothing that can’t be fixed…but you just have to go the extra mile.

I’ve spent countless hours reading reviews, going to stores to check out the computers. I looked at the HP zd1000, it seemed perfect, only it was too large for me to be carrying around. Good features, low price, not portable. It depends on what you rank higher.

Some notable sites are

and if you want to look for real bargains

If you’re planning to buy online, beware of scammer sites out there at pricegrabber who use the bait and switch method or foot in face method.

If you are going to retailers around town, you might want to check out bensbargains for some coupon deals and online bargains.

Hope this helps

Oh yea, I forgot to mention. If you get Sony, you better make some good IT friends. Because the support that Sony offers, sucks booty. ::sigh:: They remind me of that Friends episode where Phoebe just started in this Psychic Telephone network. She had to read this script that corresponded to each question. That person that helped me out was doing pretty much the same thing. :;sigh::

I’ll agree, Sony has zero product support. A few guys in my office have them, and don’t bother calling Sony.
The problem is, most other notebook are the same way.
Dell and Alienware are about the only exceptions.

The Panasonic Toughbook line has some of the most rugged systems going. In terms of a notebook that’s built to withstand real use, they have my vote.

I’ve yet to see a notebook that was built to last over the long haul like the Toughbook 71.

The screen will burn out before anything else breaks under normal conditions. I hear Dells burn out after 15 -18 months of constant use.

Honestly, I would never buy a Dell computer. If you look at their specs, they’re selling you cheap laptops…sure…cheap in price and in quality. They have all those old intel centrino chips in there, they’re big and bulky.

I was actually planning on getting the Alienware laptop (it looks cool!) simply because it has HT tech and it’s got serious graphics. BUT, the downside to that is that big hefty price tag that comes along with that wonderful package. I looked at acer too…apparently this brand is popular overseas, but not here.

The Alienware MJ-12 now comes with a 17" screen and P4 3.6gig.
Cost around $2800 - 3000 hooked up. Nice machine.

I’d recommend the Toshiba m1400 tablet PC. You can order it directly from Tosh to configure how you want - I got mine 1 week ago and already love it. It’s the only tablet on the mkt with a res higher than 1040x76. the m200’s screen is 1400x1050, which buys you ton of real estate for pallette-heavy programs like PSD.

If you get one, get Alias Sketchbook Pro. Super simple and stripped down - very easy to learn.

I got my m200 on a Monday, downloaded SBP on Tuesday AM, and did a sketch presentation for a client on Wednesday all in SBP, with some added graphics in Photoshop. So nice and clean, I’m looking forward to doing more with it… the Tablet is the way to go.

I’ve heard Tosh is doing a 14" in Q1-Q2 '05…

Check out the health risks of laptops:

What do you think?

HP ZD8000 or Dell Inspiron 9200?

I use Rhino mainly. Any suggestions…this is like Ginger or Marry Anne?


Which Laptop?

HP zD8000
Dell Inspiron 9200
ALienware MJ-12
Dell M60

Which one should I get for ID? I use Rhino mostly.