best iPad stand for bed EVER (my latest product)

How much would you willing to pay for this product?

Check out my latest iPad stand design for using in bed.
It’s a brand new concept which doesn’t exist in current market ( I am the only one , patent pending )
The unique part is it provides a negative angle that allows user to watch movie from tablet when sleeping on back.
( most of iPad stands only provides positive angles that you have you sit up and use iPad)

And the pricing is another big point. Most iPad stands have similar function ( negative angle) will cost between $55 - $200
While mine is only $40 (including shipping) Considering an iPhone case could cost people $40 easily, so a multi-use stand is well worth this price.

After test using for half year ( on myself and friends) , we now can’t live without it. ( amazingly it’s very light that you don’t feel the weight on your body)

How much would you willing to pay for this product?

Please support my product if possible, thanks. Any feed back is welcome !!

And in 5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 …

Here’s one that outdoes your sillyness. :laughing:

It is interesting how there are so many people posting iPad stands, yet none of them seems to take off. Do you think no one had hit on the right design, or is the product itself just not needed?

My guess would be that the marginal utility of the stand isn’t worth the price. And from a more practical standpoint, I don’t really think people use stands that often because of how you interact with the device. Almost every interaction you have with an iPad outside of watching a movie involves user input. The easiest way to do that is to hold the device yourself. just my 2 cents.

If a cover was as slim and unobtrusive as the ipad2 cover, but was steadier and could offer step less angle positioning, I think I would be content with that. I noticed that when I missed the stand most is when I am traveling and use tablet to watch movies and video conferencing. But after 1 year with a tablet I’ve had enough, and got a Macbook Air instead.

So the cover in topic is not for me because obviously one wouldn’t use it for travel. At home I have a 46’ TV to watch movies on. Short youtube clips in bed I can live with the angle compromising cover/stand.

If I had an iPad I would like some kind of stand for my desk so i could use it like a second monitor when working on my laptop. But for every other situation I could obtain a more comfortable position with better viewing angle by just holding it.

guys, the unique point of my design is it can provide 180 degrees. Please don’t compare my product with those ones who only gives a few angle.
Many people likes to lay in bed ( NOT SIT IN BED) and use iPad, and my product is for them.
Also it can be used on desk, a as second monitor.

This is a nice design, but tell me, does it allow you to watch Netflix when you are sleeping on your back?


[quote=“scrotum”]Here’s one that outdoes your sillyness. :laughing:

this one does…

my ipad stand that never saw the light of day…sigh…

Don’t be discouraged ! try to explore some vendors maybe you can produce it too…
But I do think it will cost much for for you to make yours…

[quote=“scb”]this one does…

my ipad stand that never saw the light of day…sigh…

Yes, I’m sure consumers won’t be comparing your iPad stand to other iPad stands… I thought you wanted feedback? This is a discussion forum. People discuss.

Surely it’s needed otherwise why would Microsoft put one on the Surface???

Thanks… I realized a lot of people instinctively thought my product is just another of everyone else.
I need to work on my message more… any ideas how to deliver my message clearly?

Hi there… forgot to say, the first one is interesting, I had the same idea at the beginning of develop process.
Good work through


[quote=“scb”]this one does…

my ipad stand that never saw the light of day…sigh…

Apple sold millions of them without a typepad or an angled stand.

Microsoft sold next to nothing of their previous tablet generations.

Simplicity may be the key here, really. Does a newspaper come with a backstand?


How much would you willing to pay for this product?

I think I would prefer one that doesn’t rest on the body.

I understand.
But you don’t feel weight at all though. (the arc on the bottom let the weight go away, plus wood is a very light type

The one doesn’t rest on the body is 2-5 times expensive, and they won’t do as much as mine can do.
does this change your idea?

You need to understand what is the user looking for - Hands free vs Weight on his body, Accessory - Ready to pay more (why?) or pay less (why?), Metal vs Plastic vs Wood, Features vs Functions…
Even think when a user can spend $500, on an ipad, he would not mind spending 10% of the amount towards its accessory. The user would be looking for something reliable and multipurpose for a gadget like this and not work at only one place and one position !