Best Ink jet printer

What kind of printer do you guyus use,

What is the best 8 1/2 x 11 photo printer, I need to get a new one? What Kind do you guys have at the office or at home?

Please don’t suggest Cannon I 9900 I don’t have the $$$ (student) for a 13 x 19


ME as well as a bunch of my classmates all bought those HP printers (psc 1210 and 1350 series) printer scanner (cardreader 1350).
And they print out photos NICELY (nicer than lasers on photopaper) SERIOUSLY!!
the scanning isn’t too pro, but it’s decent for the price and the school/work.

Some of us were printing portfolios on those.
And I just printed a print-proof for a label 10x better than the printshop where it’ll be printed (they used a print-proof by laser (their numerical should be better))

Hope it helps.
Go into a store ask to see the test pages.(ask to print one)

stay away from HP. I hear their inkjets have problems. Also stay away from brother. The print head will die in less than 6 months. Cost to fix is almost = to buying a new printer.

I have a cannon multipass MP730. Its also a scanner, copier and fax. Prints great photos. I print my photos on ILford paper… they really look sharp.

So how much did you want to spend?

Also, make sure you check out the reviews online before you buy. I found this very helpful.

I have a Canon I-860. IT was good enough for my needs six months ago when I was unemployed and printing porfolio pieces interviews.

$150 at Best Buy last fall - probably cheaper now.

It got good user reviews over at

I agree with staying away from brother (my experience with printers and faxes of that brand is dissapointing).

However I would like to defend the HP brand by saying that
1: Neither I nor ANYONE I know that has an HP printer (8-10 people and some businesses)
never had problems. Well actualy I had aproblem that when the path of the paper was blocked(on exit) it would print it out, and then chew that page (but that happened twice when I put an obstacle in front of my printer)
2: HP produces among the most technologically advanced printheads around. Used for OBJET (RapidPrototyping) company as well as NASA.

I also own Canon 7000 series (limited edition cause it sucked and they stopped producing it and even inks for it). VERY disapointed with Canon from the usability point of view (to me 1 bad design / engineering tells me that other models had the same designers / engineers working with the same parameters (budget… etc…))

Lexmark from what I hear from my other friends SUX.
(just printers, not all-in-ones) Although Lexmark has technology for faster printing (larger paint drops on ‘fields’ of color)

All inkjet printers have their pros and cons but I prefer Epson Photo printers. Even the least of the Epson 6-colour printers make very good photos. If you can only afford a 4-colour printer get a Canon, they are smoother than 4-colour Epsons.

When printing photos, use the OEM brand paper and OEM ink. They’re chemically designed to work together. If you have an Epson photo printer, try Ilford Gallerie Series… relatively cheap and very good, especially with Epson archival inks. Use 3rd party ink at your own risk. Good for text, but usually makes poor quality photos.


PS: We make printing systems for name tags so we have to keep on top of the technology and have had printers from all the mfgs at one time or another. It is interesting to note that Epson licences it’s print head technology to many of the wide-format printer mfgs. HP competes in that arena, but only with it’s own offerings. They couldn’t sell OEM even if they tried as Epson has superior print heads.


  • cheap (relatively)
  • fast print speed
  • 180deg paper path cannot keep images square to the edges


  • photo quality is very good
  • expensive for any given print speed and feature set


  • photos quality is excellent
  • slower print speeds for any given price point

+/- can’t recommend as nothing particularly good about them

I have an older Epson Stylus and it works well.
The problem with Epson: they only make ink cartridges for a year or two, then stop, forcing you to buy a new printer that is the exact same as the old one, except it takes the new/different ink cartridges. F them!

Thanks for the tips guys that really helps me out, It sounds like canon’s the way to go, that’s what I was thinking too.