best ID or PD schools in US

I have a BFA in ID from UIC in Chicago. Circumstances have led me professionally into residential furniture design and production at a couple of significant companies in Chicago. I’ve had no other professional design experience and I want this to change.

Between my deficient experience at UIC and lack of mainstream or typical professional design experience I’m not a good candidate to expend my professional options in other areas of ID/PD. I have great strengths with some skills and significant weaknesses in others. I need balance. I need more ideation/drawing/process related to general product design in my portfolio. I have had good success in furniture design but it is too limited/specialized professionally speaking.

At UIC I didn’t get adequate instruction in drawing for ideation, presentation, portfolio development and etc. which are clearly important. It’s ultimately up to me to make it happen but I need guidance and structure so I’m seriously considering going back to school for ID/PD. I need structure but I also want some creative freedom.

• Which is the best design school in America?

• Art Center or Pratt … Which is better? And why?

• Should I do undergraduate again, graduate level or niether?

• What school overall would best suit my needs?

Any advice, comments or guidance would be most appreciate.

Helpless and Confused in Chicago

knew a guy who finished BFA. didnt bother working ID for couple years. went back undergrad to U of Cinci. maybe 2 yrs to get skills and internships. best school? worthless question. no such thing as best. each experience will always be different. plenty good schools. figure which is best for you.

I don’t understand why you can’t develop sketching/ideation skills on your own? Why do you need a second degree? Your Core-folio shows ability in computer modeling/design/aesthetics. Practice sketching everyday and start freelancing at some Chicago firms and you will develop the rest in no time, provided you are driven and motivated. Granted a top-notch design program will give you better understanding of form, etc, but is the cost involved worth the return?

The thing is: you already sound like you have a pretty good idea what you need to learn so I’d approach schools and talk to people about what their programmes offer and what the rate as important - look for a match maybe?