Best I.D. Magazine

So far I haven’t been too impressed with anything out there. A magazine called Dwell is allright.

popular mechanics is a good one… not totally ID but very useful to us.

Curve - Those Australians rteally know how to make an ID magazine.

don’t know that one, I’ll check it out…

Oh, and a pretty good list of mags:

What’s up with ID?

I flipped through the most recent issue and almost all of the advertisements were Industrial Design related, but only about two pages of the content were. Does that seem weird to anyone else?

Is “Innovations” really the world’s only remaining Industrial Design magazine?

ID became a coffee table book a few years ago. Certainly helped it get into Barnes & Noble but left the ID community behind.

The site for Curve is It is worth the extra shipping cost.

Innovation is probably the only ID focused magazine in the US.
There are a few here in Hong Kong and China but not very impreesive. In fact one seems to copy articles from around the world and re-print them. Inmagine that :slight_smile:

BusinessWeek with the innovation section is becoming a Design magazine.

There also appears to be an interesting magazine in Italy which even has an online version that you can flip through the pages. Design Diffusion Design Diffusion | Architectural and Design Magazines

Oh and there is the listing that Core has