Best European Schools for ID/Furniture

Hey guys,

I’m hoping that you can recommend me a good European school to study industrial/furniture design. While what I’m after is fairly specific, it is surprisingly hard to properly describe in words, and somewhat more unusual than typical programs. I suppose the best description would be trying to find a course that offers the best “middle-ground” between art based craft practice and what is considered modern design(in other words, design as it was 50+ years ago, aka the Bauhaus).
I want a course that offers creative freedom and flexibility, is highly technical and hands on, while also grounded in the more conservative aspects of modern design. I would like to specialize in furniture, but want the freedom and skills to make a watch, bicycle, etc , etc if fancy takes me. So I’m not sure whether furniture/product/industrial(which?) would be a better fit. I also have no qualms about learning a second language.
I’ve recently finished a fine art degree in gold and silversmithing at RMIT, which i love, but I am well aware that their resides a bigger world out their than just contemporary jewelery that i wish to explore. Coming from a craft/art degree has taught me how to view the world; the importance of tacit knowledge, knowing your material and of designing through making.
I’m highly aware of the two extremes; on the one hand you have a typical CAD-monkey industrial designer, who makes flashy posters of objects that he can’t “pony up” the skills to make himself(work= cold and out of touch). One the other you have an old man in a shed scenario, who makes pretty dovetail joins and not much else(work= hobbyist genre).

I could see myself in a craft/art based design/maker practice, making one/prototype off furniture and objects for exhibition, which could then be scaled-down and manufactured based on demand or interest? Hopefully this makes sense? I’ve currently been looking at Politecnico in Milan, but somewhere in Denmark/Netherlands/Scandinavia would be nice?