Best Ellipse templates?

I was wondering where the best deal is online for a set of ellipse templates. I’m in a trans design class and would like to tighten up my loose sketches and develop some ellipse muscle memory. Any suggestions?

Timesaver templates - ask skaggs about em.

dick blick or utrecht are normally cheap, I always go for the ones that smell. (Really smell some old temples that green stuff gets funky)

I was thinking about laser cutting my own. In order to cut cost. Does anyone know if it would be possible to find template files online? I wouldn’t mind making them, but if they’re available… Also can anyone recommend a good plastic or material to use.


Nice easy format with templates grouped by degree. Not too bad, I got a set from 5 - 80 degress for about $60.

the smelly ones smell. like. REALLY smell.
just saying


Yes, be aware of this. When you open the packaging, it’s horrible, but after a while it gets covered up by the smell of ink and pencils.

If you want to make your own, just use Illustrator to make the ellipses, then make them however you want, but I use to work at a laser cutter and we were dirt cheap at $2 per five min of use. And It will be a little cheaper to just buy them.

Thanks for the link!

I judt got my copy of the book they sell. Pretty good reading!

Alvin too have them. I have both the large master & small master kits