Best Design Monitor for Students

I have a 13" Macbook and can’t afford another computer. So, I’m going to get a mini DVI/DVI link cable, an apple keyboard, and a monitor so I can just hook up my laptop in the studio. I can’t afford a $600 Apple Display…


~$300 or less
19"-22" Widescreen
best color/contrast accuracy & quality possible
height adjustment if possible

I’ve been using a DELL 2007WFP at work and am really happy with its color and display accuracy, but I also know these things can change year to year and there are many good models out there.

Given my situation, what do you recommend?

Go here:

I’d suggest one of the Dell Ultrasharps. Best bang for the buck IMO. They have some cheaper panels but I wouldn’t jump to those if you have a job that relies on having good color accuracy.

NURB, that is a sweet deal, thanks for pointing me in the right direction. Cyberdemon, thank you as well, you make a good point that I also noticed when reading reviews/specs. Thanks again guys!

EDIT: I guess I have one more question, what kind of DVI cable do I need to connect to that DELL 2007WFP_B to my Apple miniDVI/DVI adaptor cable? From what I can tell DVI-I won’t work… do I want a DVI-D cable to maintain the digital signal?

Check this thing out.

We have a SpyderPro 2 where I work and it puts a color profile into your machine that is a perfectly calibrated picture. It can really turn a cheap monitor into something very usable for graphic design, industrial design, photorgaphy, etc. Also, It can calibrate CRTs, LCDs, and projectors. Very useful!

Hmm - is that like a cheaper ColorMunki?

That thing is cool, too bad I can’t afford one right now…

I ended up getting a refurbished DELL 2007WFP_b for $200 - thanks NURB!

I found out that a certain batch of that model had gradient banding issues…hopefully not mine… does that just affect monitor display or does it affect actual file output to printers, Illustrator exporting to jpegs, etc?

Glad to be of service. Any PC geek out there should know of Pricewatch. Rather than trolling TigerDirect, and others, its an easy way to find cheap stuff.

Only impacts what you see - not what you output.

I had two of the old Dell 2005’s - (replaced by the 2407’s) they were good screens. I’m sure the 2007’s will be fine.