Best Design Management Programme in UK...?


I have been looking for PG Design Management Programmes in the UK. So far, I have found some interesting options as in The Surrey Institute of Art and Design and The University of Salford. Does any one know something about this programmes or others? If so, please help me! I live in Mexico City and it is very hard to make the right choice when you live that far and your only link with the universities is their website.

I will appreciate your help.

Eduardo Sanchez

I feel you should also check out UCE/ Birhimgham for one year MA in Design Management (

Hope it will help you.


Try DeMonfort U

check Middlesex Uni , London. They do PG in DM. PM me I’ll send you some contacts.


I am also looking forward to do a one year MA course of Desing Management in England. I have been going through the web pages of all the schools, but still don’t know which one to choose???

I would really appreciate some comments about the subject from people with experience with this course/schools…