Best design cluster for a rookie:Amsterdam,Copenhagen,Paris?

Hi everybody! A long time reader first time poster here! :smiley:

I’m an Industrial Design student and thanks to an academic grant I have some money (not a common thing to have while being a student XD) and I thought it would be useful to use it to spend the summer abroad (I’m from Spain) and iniciate myself in a new lenguage. Obviously I want my election to be as much useful for my future carreer as possible, and for that reason I need to ask you guys: Which one do you think is the best destination to try to find a job right after graduation: Amsterdam (I’ve heard that Eindhoven is a good ID spot too), Copenhaguen or Paris? In other words: Should I learn Dutch, Danish or French?
I know that German is a “must” in the design world but I’ve been there a few times and I’m not really attracted to the idea of living and working there.

Thank you very much for your help! :slight_smile:

Hi P3NRoS3,

all three places are great cities to spend some time, and I doubt you will have to learn the language to get around. You might even be surprised by the amount of people who will respond to you in spanish. However, if you are really focused on product design, I would add London to your list and caution you about Amsterdam, which has a lot of advertising and software development companies but not so much product design. I’m not familiar enough with Copenhagen or Paris, but if I’d have to pick one, I’d say Copenhagen.

If you’re really ambitious, you might also consider looking for a design summer program, I’m sure there are some renowned design schools (IED, RCA, …) offering such opportunities.

Thanks Holtag :wink: