best design award for packaging

Hi All,

I’m thinking of entering a product package design we have done with our company in a design award. We are a new brand and could really use the exposure. Of course there are no guarantees but I do think we have a package that would do well.

So far I’ve found 5 competitions and I was hoping someone can shed some lights on how to choose the best one. The entry fees are all relatively similar, so the question is more about which award will give us the most/best exposure.

The 5 competitions are: (of course)

Of course I’m open to other suggestions as well. Any feedback much appreciated!

No one knows huh? Well in that case, let me share what I’ve cobbled together. I think we will go with the Pentawards and possible the Red Dot Award. Those see to have the most coverages in the markets that our company is interested in.

Package design

Red Dot Award (DE)
195eur, apply before April5

Pentawards (INT)

145eur, apply between 7 and 18 March

The Dieline Awards (USA)
175usd, apply before Feb10

A’design Award (ITA)

176eur, apply before June30

Core77 design awards (USA)

120usd, apply before Feb9
150usd, apply before March8

iF have packaging category too, with several sub-categories. Coverage and price should be quite similar to Red Dot.
If this is first time you are entering for example Red Dot - beware of the cost IF you win. While it’s not a pay-to-win scheme, if you do win you will have to pay something around $3000 USD IFRC. But that’s marketing expense if that happens, so just go for it :slight_smile:

Thanks engio! I know about the extra (hidden?) costs, been researching the product design awards too. Quite devious. And what the hack, I’ll post my findings on that too here.

Good design award (Chicago)
no cost, apply before June 1

IF design excellence awards (DE)
product, kitchen
2016 already closed, 2017 opens around June 2016
350eur, apply during early bird
450eur, apply during regular
2700eur if selected as winner, pr package
NOTE: well known award but the extra cost if you win is annoying

Red Dot Award (SG+DE)
130sgd, apply before March23, then another 240sgd if entry is selected
370sgd, if applied between March24 and May18
100sgd for submission of prototype
extra costs if selected as winner:
1600sgd for Red Dot, Best of the Best + optional page space in design book >1000sgd
1300sgd for Red Dot Award + optional page space in design book >1000sgd
1300sgd for Honourable Mention + optional page space in design book >1000sgd

Good design award / G-mark (Japan)
10800JPY, apply between April2 and June3
59400JPY if selected as finalist
124200JPY if selected as a winner
32400JPY for entry in yearbook

International design excellence award (USA)

475usd, apply before March18
550usd, apply before April1
525usd extra if selected as finalist + extra cost options for PR

Singapore good design mark (Singapore, linked to G-mark)
200sgd, apply before Feb12
5600sgd if selected as finalist

Core77 design awards (USA)
consumer products

120usd, apply before Feb9
150usd, apply before March8
180usd, apply before March23
225usd, apply before April6
NOTE: very focused on product innovation, lesser chance of winning

A’design Award (Italy)

anything between 150usd and 1500usd, depending on what and when we apply

Good design award (Australia)
450aud, apply before March18
1200aus if selected as finalist

Spark awards (USA)
95usd, apply before March15
120usd, apply before May15
195usd, apply before June15
375usd if selected as finalist
275usd if selected as winner

Kokuyo design award (Japan)

???, from May15 to July15