Best courses in your degree

I’m interested in opinions on what was the best course you were part of during your degree and why.

In my industrial design degree we learned Sketching, 3D modelling, workshop, Studio, Design for manufacture, Design history and theory, Professional Studies, Ergonomics, Environmentally sustainable design, Design engineering and more.

I think my favourite was Design theory or Environmentally sustainable design. While they were the less hands-on subjects, I felt that I was learning more about the world through design. It gave me an understanding of why design exists and the sort of damage we can do if we are not careful. It was a humbling experience to learn about the great designers that had come before and where we should be heading.

What are other’s experiences?

I remember enjoying, Ergonomics, Sketching, Workshop and 3D modeling. My favorite times during school were the co-op collaboration projects.

Art and Architectural history
History of Avant Garde Music
Chrysler Sponsored project
Nissan Sponsored project
Nike Sponsored project
Drawing 101 with Al DeCredico
2D Theory