Best Consumer Electronics Review Site?

What site do you use for reviews on Consumer Electronics?

I am on the hunt for a new DVD player. I have bought 2 Toshiba DVD players in the past 5 years thinking that they would be as good as my TV…I was severely mistaken.

I am thinking its time to go BluRay.

That one’s easy, if you’re looking to buy a blu-ray player, get a PS3 ($400). A little more than a sony blu-ray player (ranges $300-$500) but it also plays games.

I don’t have one(I’m content with my netflix DVDs / streams on my xbox360), but I’ve read that the sony blu-ray players are the best, the PS3 is included (CNET rates it highest blu-ray player :laughing:)

Anyone else know from experience?

All upsampling DVD players are pretty much par for the course nowadays. You aren’t going to get HD quality video out of it regardless of what brand it is.

I use my PS3 as a Bluray player and it’s as good as it gets. The differentiation in Bluray players has more to do with other features (photo galleries, stuff like that) then it does with image quality.

Plus nowadays you can get a PS3 for sub $350 if you check on a regular basis.

Ya…I know that PS3 is the best…but…

Just bought a Wii…you try and convince my wife that a PS3 is the way to go :wink:

In general for reviews I trust the CNET reviews site seem to cover a lot of different brands an models with a pretty good unbiased and technical tone.

Either that or something like can help though it’s pretty informal and doesn’t cover many products, though often the newer stuff.

Personally, I don’t get the added draw of BlueRay. I haven’t seen that much real difference in quality, and when I already have 200+ DVDs, I certainly wouldn’t want to start the collection over again.

In general, I always believe in spending as much as you can afford on technology as it’s no secret that cheaper stuff is usually crap. That $20 Colby Radio Shack special DVD player you just know is either gonna break or suck. In the end you get what you pay for and often the nicer stuff looks nicer too which is always a good bonus for ID aesthetes like us.


On that point, I think the PS3 is ugly as sin… :wink:

Then don’t tell her you’re buying a PS3, tell her you’re buying a Sony blu ray player.

A standalone Bluray Player costs $200-300. A PS3 + Remote can be had for ~$350.

Aside from games the PS3 functions as a media server (lets you stream media content wirelessly from your PC or Mac), it has a built in web browser, and heck it even runs Linux if you want a TV PC.

IMO the small price jump is worth it, esp if you ever want to play any kind of games.

Are you watching on a HD TV? On smaller screens I can see not noticing as much of a difference, but once you start getting into the 40+" range the difference between a Bluray and a DVD (esp for movies with a lot of special effects) is unbelievable. Try watching Transformers or Planet Earth in 1080p and then cmopare it to the DVD and you’d be sold.

Plus the PS3 is an upsampling DVD player.

I download 90% of my media so the PS3 works great for me, and it’s at least much more attractive (and quieter) than my Xbox.

I haven’t tried BR at home, but have seen a few demos around. I have an 50" (though only 1080i) Plasma and from where I sit, the DVD quality looks fine to me…

My DVD player is also upsampling.

and ya, I agree the PS3 is fugly and giagantor.


Best thing to do is look into the audio/video forums. There is an enormous wealth of info on

That being said, I will give my opinions. If you go with standard def (DVD), then check out Oppo. They are regarded as some of the best quality you can get in an affordable price point. Hell, you can find a used one for $70 (most people that buy these take good care of them. They just have to get the newest one).

If you go with Bluray, as others have said get the PS3. I know people that have over $30,000 in audio/video using a PS3 as the main transport. Although the gaming and media center is a nice feature, the biggest plus is the upgrade ability. “Sony has been frequently releasing firmware updates for the PS3. Unlike standalone BD players, the PS3 uses a very capable general-purpose processor (i.e., Cell processor) and many of the audio and video capabilities are performed in software running on the unit’s processor, rather than in dedicated hardware as used in standalone BD players. This has allowed Sony to easily add many new capabilities to the PS3 via firmware updates.” (taken from AVS)